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Why Engagement Matters

No near miss reporting program can be successful without employees doing their part. Yet, many organizations share the same challenge: employee participation.

Organizations that create a successful reporting culture do so by building a communication strategy focused on employee engagement. They develop a consistent, performance-focused approach and use all the communication tools available to foster participation among their workforce.

Your Partner in Safety Communication

In this session you will learn HOW TO:

  • Implement a site-specific safety communication strategy
  • Promote and market your initiative across the organization
  • Discover how to balance training with compliance reinforcement
  • Use visual storytelling to make reporting accessible and easy to understand
  • Identify allies and subject matter experts to build peer support
  • Foster organization-wide engagement by creating a feedback loop
  • Celebrate success to promote employee participation

Marlin conducts safety, health, and productivity webinars throughout the year that help you engage employees at a whole new level. If you would like us to cover a particular topic, please contact We'd love to hear from you!